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My name is Sam. I’m a 24 year old photographer with a love for new adventures, new people, and new places. I'm based in Buffalo, NY (GO BILLS!) but absolutely love to travel.

Although most of my Saturdays are dedicated to capturing beautiful love stories, on my off days you can find me hanging with my dog and checking out my local thrift store.

I'm a super fun-loving photographer who prioritizes comfort and authenticity during photoshoots.

Say hi!
*record scratch* SO. You're probably wondering how I got into photography

Look at this picture! You see that little girl holding a camera? Yeah, thats me! This picture didn't mean much to me at the time, I just liked taking photos with my hand-me-down camera and didn't think much of it. It wasn't until I was a sophomore in high school where my love for photography deepened. My teachers told me I had an eye and from there learned everything I needed to know about photography, including how to make it my career!

I received an AAS in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, where I started in portraiture and landscapes. While in school, I assisted in a wedding and FELL IN LOVE. Taking photos of a bride just filled me with the happiness and giddiness I was missing in my other subjects. I shifted gears and got my Bachelors in marketing and started taking myself and my business more seriously. Cue graduation (AKA May 2020...AKA hello COVID), I took a leap of faith, running Sam Renaud Photo full time in an era where all large events were cancelled. It may not have been the easiest start, but the journey has been so rewarding so far and I'm incredibly grateful for all my clients who have helped me become where I am today.

A couple more notes about the photo.

  1. Yes, I do realize I'm watching the event unfold and not actually taking photos... that won't happen at your wedding. I pinky promise.
  2. I'm going to blame my facial expression on my 8 year old mind trying to figure out exactly where that stuffed bunny rabbit came from. So don't worry, on your wedding day, you'll find me smiling from ear to ear all day. (Have I mentioned I LOVE weddings?)

When we meet, I can promise you 2 things

I'll be your biggest hype girl


We’ll create beautiful photo memories TOGETHER

My Core Values

Authenticity: This girl plays no games. I bring my whole self to every meeting, every shoot, and every wedding! I wish for nothing less from you. I want to capture who you truly are.

COMFORT: If you're not comfortable in front of me and my camera, it will show. But this is not your job to think about. I will direct you and guide you through our entire session, or even entire wedding day. I want you to leave feeling like you just made a friend!

Kindness: I wholeheartedly believe in the power of kindness. We're all doing our best out here and there's no need to be unkind. you can expect me to treat your friends and family as if they're my own. and it's expected in return :)


I love to travel. Like REALLY love to travel. I love experiencing new places and the beauty the world has to offer. Whether it's the Adirondacks, Utah, or Italy, let me tag along and document your love story.


Punta Cana

MARCH 11-18 2023

Denver, Colorado / USA

APRIL 2023

Salt Lake City, Utah / USA

MAY 2023

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming / USA

MAY 2023

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona / USA

MAY 2023

Nashville, Tennessee / USA

JUNE 2023

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington / USA


Olympic National Park, Washington / USA


Now that you learned a bit about me -

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